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Multiemployer Pension Fund Strategies for Investment Firms

Rise with us.

We help bridge and build meaningful long-term business relationships with you and  multiemployer pension fund clients to achieve your firm's business growth goals.

Is your investment firm ready to raise assets from multiemployer benefit funds?

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We BELIEVE that raising assets is the reward but making a difference in multiemployer pensions is the goal.

We HELP identify gaps in your marketing and client delivery services to amplify multiemployer pension client development.

We PROVIDE education on the investment sales process, so your team becomes a trusted partner to multiemployer pension plan trustees and the investment consultant. 

We UNDERSTAND the nuances of Taft-Hartley sales and communicate with the pension plan investment consultants, reducing time and sparing internal resources.


We ARE multiemployer pension fund advocates.


What We Do

Our team has a wealth of expertise in business development, entertainment production, client relationship management, and strategic partnerships, as well as years of experience in the financial industry.



We help identify investment strategies and specific investment managers that can benefit multiemployer pension plans.

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We educate investment managers on the Taft-Hartley asset gathering process, allowing your C-Suite to make confident and strategic internal business decisions based on the viability of this segment launch.

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We help develop a cohesive plan to effectively and efficiently serve our investment manager partners and their multiemployer pension fund clients.

Our Leadership

Traci Dority-Shanklin

CEO & Multiemployer Strategy Consultant

Traci Dority-Shanklin is the CEO and Multiemployer Funds Strategist of Sisu Partners. With over twenty years of experience in the investment world, Traci has built a vast repository of knowledge about Taft-Hartley investments, business development, client relationship management, and strategic partnerships. Traci shares her multiemployer launch strategies with investment firms and her one-on-one coaching services for blended families.


Traci is a natural communicator and a thought leader. She hosts two podcasts, The World of Multiemployer Benefit Funds and The Nuclear Families Evangelist, where she shares strategies and wisdom from industry experts and other thought leaders for the benefit of everyone.


Before Traci started her investment career, she was an award-winning producer, a former Miss Virginia-USA, and an actress who took a memorable turn in Grosse Pointe Blank. Traci grew up in the labor movement and has a passion for connecting people to business and life-improving resources.

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"A union lady for life because I grew up in the movement. My ability to develop and nurture relationships has been the key to driving my success throughout my 28-year career in the investment business, and I have found my client segment to be the most loyal. I am a strategic thinker that will always keep your goals first."
~ Traci