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Image by Chris Montgomery


Taking the essentials from our five-week course, we have created a 2-hour intensive that addresses the financial fragility experienced by many working adults and helps them improve their financial situation. The seminar acknowledges that many individuals would perform better at work if their employers offered more financial well-being benefits. It focuses on helping individuals break the cycle of living paycheck to paycheck and relying on credit card debt.


The seminar does not provide investment advice but aims to assist participants in launching a budgeting and retirement savings practice. The emphasis is on budgeting and establishing a solid financial foundation. It takes a holistic approach to personal finance, covering various aspects such as setting financial goals, managing income, expenses, savings, and investments, and improving financial literacy.


We provide tools to help clarify lifestyle financial goals, create an actionable budget plan, and establish ongoing budget accountability. The seminar provides participants with a roadmap for managing their finances effectively.

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