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Family Portrait

The Nuclear Families Evangelist

The Nuclear Families Evangelist podcast explores the nuances, challenges, and blessings of being a blended family. Each episode debunks the mythologies of biology and explores the unique dynamics and relationships created by blended families with experts and humor — one conversation at a time.

Workers with Masks

The World of Multiemployer Benefit Funds

Multiemployer benefit funds provide retirement, paid sick leave, vacation, and other paid benefits to millions of middle and working-class Americans and retirees, but these funds are complex. Join Traci Dority-Shanklin, the client and union advocate with over 20 years of managing Taft-Hartley funds, as she navigates the complex world of Taft-Hartley and speaks with the experts who help guide these plans. Guests will share the latest developments, their personal stories, and their perspectives as they help unlock the mysteries of these funds.

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