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Discover the full potential of You Need A Budget (YNAB) with our personalized guidance. Master this favorite budgeting application and revolutionize your financial journey. YNAB is not just a tool—it's a mindset and an organizational system that cultivates a profound connection to your money. Elevate your financial awareness and make informed spending decisions like never before. Take the crucial first step towards transforming your money mindset.


In our exclusive one-on-one sessions, Traci, our expert, will provide comprehensive assistance. She will assist you in setting up your YNAB budget, impart in-depth knowledge of the software, guide you through transformative mindset shifts, and ultimately empower you with clarity and confidence in your financial choices.


Whether you are a newcomer to YNAB or seek support for specific features, you've arrived at the perfect destination! Seize this opportunity to revolutionize your money management and embark on a financial empowerment journey.

Best Value

The Budgeting System Launch Package



Initiate your financial transformation and get on track.

Valid for 12 months

1-hour onboarding session to kickstart your journey

1-hour setup session for seamless integration

Four bi-monthly 30-minute accountability check-ins

Bonus: Enjoy an extra two months of YNAB absolutely free!


Download 8 Essential Steps to Building a Budget That Endures

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Traci Dority-Shanklin is a YNAB Certified Budgeting Coach, which means that she has been trained to coach people on using YNAB software and the YNAB budgeting method. She has met select requirements of You Need a Budget LLC in order to receive this certification, which means that she has the ability to competently coach YNAB to others. She isnot an employee of YNAB, and all non-YNAB related opinions and recommendations are her own. Her views do not reflect the views of YNAB and its employees or its affiliates. 

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